A short time ago on the “Dr. Oz Show”, part of the show was devoted to chiropractic care. First Dr. Oz spoke about the benefits of chiropractic care and then chose a woman in the audience who had a back issue and wished to be  “chiropractically adjusted “. Dr. Oz ,then  utilizing a large scale model of a “spine” explained to her and to the studio and television audience how the spine worked and different ways people could develop back problems.  Dr. Oz then had a Chiropractor comes out to the stage. After introductions were made,  the Chiropractor then asked some questions of the prospective patient regarding her condition.  After a determination of the patient’s condition and where the adjustment should be made, the doctor then proceeded to adjust the patient on an adjusting table, to the satisfaction of the patient. Obviously the whole process was edited for television. Aspects of a patient coming to a Chiropractic Physician for the time ,such as the  patient’s history, health background and the comprehensive examination were not shown. But what pleased me about this program was the matter of fact way Dr. Oz went about explaining and demonstrating a chiropractic adjustment, and the reasons for such a treatment. There was no cloud of sensationalism or skepticism attached to the program. The profession of Chiropractics has been in existence for approximately 115 years. Literally, tens of millons of people have been suscessfully treated in the USA and around the world. As a Chiropractor , it was very gratifying to see the primary component of our” treatment system”, the chiropractic adjustment, performed on mainstream television without the negative connotations that are sadly sometimes shown in print and media. Until the next time.  Dr. McGee

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