I have had every intention of writing this blog sooner this season but I have been too busy shoveling snow. ha ha. Sorry ! Well first of all, if you plan to go out and do some shoveling do a warm up first. Some light stretching for a few minutes could go a long way in preventing muscle pulls . When you are about to begin shoveling ,consider your age and physical condition before you begin. We  all have limitations and while shoveling snow could bring back memories of being a teenage dynamo who could shovel all day, chances are those days are in the past. Once you are outside , all warmed up from your stretching exercises , shovel in hand ,in layered clothing and ready to begin…. look at the snow. If it is heavy, icey, packed down etc…. you probably want to break it up with your shovel before you pick it up. When you pick up the snow you want to focus on using your legs and back in conjunction with your arms as you pick up and throw the snow. Think of it as a team effort, arms, shoulders legs  and back working together to pick up and move that darn snow. When you are about to throw the snow off to the side, turn your whole body.Twisting your upper body while leaving your feet stationary could put excess torque and strain on your back. If you have to carry the snow on your shovel for any distance before you throw it, slide your hand down the handle so that you are holding the snow closer to your body. That makes it easier to carry and relieves the strain on your arms. Take frequent rests and drink plenty of water.  Snow , snow everywhere, but the air is dry in the wintertime and it is easy to get dehydrated. As you are moving along in this strenuous activity, chances are you have no time constraints. So take your time , pace yourself, take an occassional water break .. then get ready for the next storm!

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