In a football game between the Baltimore Ravens and the New York Jets on August 24 Jets quartback Mark Sanchez took a hard hit and was later removed from the game. Afterward in an interview with ESPN’s Michele Tafoya Sanchez said: “I sure got hit tonight . It didn’t feel good. I saw the chiropractor right away, but it feels a lot better obviously and that ‘s the way you want to bounce back…”     As just one example of a top flight athlete seeking chiropractic care after a tough game or athletic activity, chiropractics has been an integral part of the American sport scene for many decades. Chiropractic doctors have been part of the official Olympic ” doctor ” team since 1980. I personally ,first read in a sports illustrated article in the mid 70′s about a chiropractor Dr. Perry, who was treating high jumper Dwight Stones , who at the time was an Olympic medalist and world record holder. In the same article Cuban runner Alberto Juanturana was also featured as an athlete who was being treated by Dr. Perry. Alberto was the only athlete in Olympic history to win gold medals in the 400 meter and the 800 meter race in the same Olympic games. In the article, both athletes praised Dr. Perry as a health practioner.

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