In my last blog I left you with a question. What is one of, if not the most responsive organ in the human body to nutritional supplementation? The organ I am referring to is the human heart. The heart is on a 24/7 work schedule that never quits. The heart is essentially one large muscle which contracts in order to pump blood throughout the rest of the body. Over time, if the heart does not receive the nutrients it needs in order to function at an optimal level, it becomes weak and flaccid. Exercise  is one of the essential components needed to strengthen the heart, but you also need to ingest the correct nutrients along with exercise in order to really make the heart a strong and healthy organ. Eating  good , nutritious foods such as fruits, vegatables, nuts, seed and lean meats will certainly go a long way in making the heart stronger. But if an individual has suffered an illness or is taking multiple medications, both of  which will rob the body of vital nutrients ,then the heart is probably literally starving for the nutrients it needs in order to function. Some examples of these nutrients are Co-Enzyme Q10, B complex vitamin and magnesium. But to do it right you need a “game plan ” just to borrow an expression from sports jargon. This is where consulting with a health professional who can tailor an exercise and nutritional program to your specific needs is recomended. I can be contacted by email for those of you who are looking for a consultation pertaining to a an exercise and nutrition program aimed at developing a strong  and healthy heart.

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