We can help you if you are frequently experiencing painful headaches.

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Neck Pain

Many things can cause neck pain, call us to find out why it is happening to you.

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Back Pain

We can help whether you are experiencing pain in your lower or upper back.

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Joint Pain

Call us to learn more about how we can help solve your problems with joint pain.

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About Us

As a Chiropractor, my primary focus is treatment of the spine. More specifically, chiropractors feel that restrictions or improper movement of the vertebral spine can have a damaging effect on the patient’s health by affecting the spinal cord and the nerve branches that are attached to the cord.

Through advanced study and clinical experience, I also treat any part of the human body where there is a joint – hands, feet, shoulders, wrists, hips, ribs, etc. – and I also treat any type of soft tissue injuries.

Our office performs D.O.T. physicals. Also called C.D.L. physicals these are Department of Transportation and Commercial Driver’s License physicals for people who drive trucks , need hoisting licenses etc.
CDL/ Dot physicals only $80! Call today to setup an appointment.